AvenuEngaged FAQ's

Below are some frequently asked questions about Avenu and the lead solutions offered:


Q: What is Avenu?

A: Avenu is a Technology, Data and Lead Aggregate company. Avenu is not a Settlement Service Provider—nor are there any plans of Avenu ever becoming a Settlement Service Provider in the foreseeable future. Avenu products (AvenuTech, AvenuLead, AvenuEngaged, AvenuSignal and AvenuData) are made available in their entirety to all housing industry participants—real estate brokerages, lenders and home services companies respectively.


Q: Where does Avenu acquire leads from and how are those leads distributed?

A: Avenu acquires raw data, raw leads, and fully engaged leads from internet publishers (farms), along with the real estate / real estate finance industry participants. These leads are then aggregated and sold within the housing industry (Real Estate Brokerages, Lending Companies, Home Services Companies, etc.) utilizing Avenu’s proprietary technology distribution systems.


Q: Who can purchase Avenu leads?

A: Participating lenders, real estate brokerages and home services companies purchase the Avenu products directly, and only, from Avenu.


Q: Is Avenu licensed for the purpose of lead aggregation?

A: Avenu holds the proper / necessary licenses for the purposes of lead aggregation in all states that it conducts business. There are some states that do not require state licensing for this activity. All licenses and exemptions are provided in the Avenu Vendor Management Package (AVMP).


Q: How does Avenu conduct business?

A: Avenu conducts business as an agnostic solution within the real estate, real estate finance and home services industry. We invite all industry real estate brokerages, lenders and home services companies to participate. Consumer choice is not only built into the business model, it is a requirement and is paramount to the sustainability and success of our business model.


Q: How does Avenu charge for the Avenu products?

A: Lead customers of Avenu, be it a lender, real estate brokerage or home services company, pay a standard and fixed price for each engagement / lead provided within their respective Market Statistical Areas. The value of a lead is fixed, and all participating buyers of Avenu’s lead products have the same pricing model as their competitors—and all engagements / leads are provided to each buyer at the exact same moment in time.


Q: Does Avenu support API connection to CRM’s?

A: Avenu supports API connection to the housing industry’s top CRM systems.  


Q: What data should be transferred for a lead?

A: “Valid Data” is data that contains contact information for a prospective borrower who is an engaged customer of the Agent, is over the age of eighteen (18) and able to contract on his or her own behalf, contains City/State/Zip Code, the data has been generated by the Agent and not any third-party or as the result of unsolicited telemarketing, unlawful commercial email (referred to as “SPAM”) or any false or misleading advertising, the prospective borrower has a genuine interest in obtaining a mortgage, and the prospective borrower has consented to receive communications from a third-party (including, but not limited to, a mortgage lender) regarding a prospective mortgage. If Avenu determines, in its sole discretion, that any data submitted by the Agent is not considered Valid Data, Avenu shall reject such data and shall not be required to remit Payment to the Agent.


AvenuEngaged website: https://engaged-leads.myavenu.com

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