Delete & Redownload Avenu

To install an updated version of Avenu

Find the Avenu icon on your iPad home screen and press and hold the icon until the delete "X" appears. Tap on the "X" and then "Delete" to confirm.

Download Avenu

  1. On your iPad, go to
  2. In the upper right hand corner, tap on "Login"
  3. Enter the requested information, using the email that you have as your username
  4. Tap on "Log In"
  5. Under Account information and Subscription information, tap on "Download"
  6. Tap on "Download on iPad"
  7. Tap on "Install"
  8. Tap on "Done"
  9. After Avenu has downloaded, follow the steps listed to "Trust the Developer": On your iPad — "Settings" => "General" => "Device Management" or "Profiles" (depending on which version of iOS that your iPad has installed) => "DataReef LLC" => "Trust 'DataReef LLC" => "Trust"
  10. Go back to the Avenu icon
  11. Tap on "Allow"
  12. Tap on "Allow"
  13. Log in

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