Release Notes - June 7, 2016

Changes and Enhancements

  • Mail Campaigns now available to be fulfilled.
  • Scores added to Seller Finder.
  • Ability to filter home by score in Seller Finder.
  • Improved mailer templates.
  • Availability to search for cities in map.
  • Improvements made in Partners section.
  • Ability to see invites sent/received.
  • Fixed crashes & error alerts.
  • Fixes made on Dashboard.
  • Improvements made on MLS account.
  • Fixes made related to commissions on transaction card.
  • Improvements made on Settings, CRM record, listing detail & property details screens.
  • Ability to send & see documents in Community.
  • When accessing the map from the CRM, notice is given for clients that are missing addresses.
  • Multiple fixes and enhancements.
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