Release Notes - July 6, 2016

Changes and Enhancements

  • The Campaign and Buyer and Seller Finder flow is now easier and more intuitive to use. Instead of creating a Seller Finder or Buyer Finder Campaign, now you can create Seller Finder and Buyer Finder Lists. These lists can be utilized by adding them into your Call or Mailer Campaign.
  • The data used to create a Mailer Campaign now is saved so you can review it later if you wish, or use a previously created template in a new campaign.
  • Do you already have a postcard template that works for you? We added the ability to upload your own template to a Mailer Campaign.
  • Improvements were made to the security mechanims when trying to lock the app with a passcode or a thumbprint.
  • Profile screen is now found under Settings.
  • Better flow in Concierge.
  • Multiple fixes and enhancements.
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