Avenu Sign Up on an iPad

Currently, Avenu is only available on an iPad. Make sure that you have met the requirements for signing up for Avenu by viewing the information found here.

  1. On an iPad, open a browser and go to myavenu.com
  2. In the upper right hand corner, tap on "Sign Up"
  3. Enter the requested information, using the email that you want to have as your username (your username can be changed later by contacting Customer Care at 844.873.6133)
  4. Tap on "Signup"
  5. Access the email just sent to you and tap on "Confirm Registration" (please note that it may appear in your junk email folder—you may need to search for an email from "Avenu")
  6. Type in your email address and password that you just used for registration
  7. Tap on "Log In"
  8. Tap on the option that best fits your role
  9. If you are registering as a Real Estate Agent, you will be asked if you were referred to Avenu by a lender and will have the option of entering their e-mail address or tapping on skip
  10. Enter your credit card information
  11. Check the box to agree to the Avenu Terms and Conditions
  12. Tap on "Submit"
  13. Tap on "Download on iPad"
  14. Tap on "Install"
  15. Tap on "Done"
  16. After Avenu has downloaded, follow the steps listed to "Trust the Developer": On your iPad — "Settings" => "General" => "Device Management" or "Profiles" (depending on which version of iOS that your iPad has installed) => "DataReef LLC" => "Trust 'DataReef LLC" => "Trust"
  17. Go back to the Avenu icon
  18. Tap on "Allow"
  19. Tap on "Allow"
  20. Log in

Questions or concerns? 844.873.6133 or support@myavenu.com

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