Mail Campaign Instructions

For a training video of how to use the Mail Campaign, please click or tap here.

Before completing a Mail Campaign, you need to either have contacts in your CRM (a training video demonstrating how to add contacts to your CRM can be found here) or have created a Buyer Finder list, a Seller Finder list or a Filter list within Avenu (training videos on how to create lists can be viewed by clicking or tapping on the links). 

Below are the step by step instructions for completing a Mail Campaign after having contacts or a list to send them to:

  • Access Lists and Campaigns by tapping on the menu (3 bars in the upper left corner)
  • Tap on "Campaigns" at the top center of the screen
  • Tap on "Mailer Campaign"
  • You can choose to create and upload your own template by swiping from right to left (your template should be print quality, 300dpi in order to print well) or you can select a template that you would like to use to mail your postcards
  • Tap on the + to upload your photos and logos (files must end in .jpg, .jpeg or .png) from any of the following sources—photos on your iPad, Avenu Documents, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or you can take a photo (click or tap here for details on how to get high quality photos for your Mail Campaign)
  • Enter text for the headline, body, etc you would like to add
  • Tap on "Back" at the bottom center of the screen to make sure that your return address is accurate
  • Tap on "Done"
  • Choose who you would like to send your mailer to
  • You will automatically be sent a copy to the address on the back of the postcard unless you uncheck the box in the bottom left corner
  • Tap to the front and back of the postcard to enlarge and approve the postcard (if changes need to be made, tap on "2. Edit your template" at the top middle portion of the screen)
  • Tap on "Confirm checkout"
  • If there is any pertinent information missing (like phone number, title, email address), the following message will appear "Cannot create template" and it will let you know what is missing—to make necessary changes, tap on "2. Edit your template" at the top middle portion of the screen

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