Call & Door Knocking Campaign Dialogue - Seller

Ask open ended questions using the Avenu Profile information to build rapport:

  • I work with buyers and am always looking for more homes to offer them.
  • Do you mind if I ask you some questions?
  • Have you ever thought of selling your home?
  • What would be the time frame that you would be interested in selling your home?
  • What would be your goals and desires in selling your home?
  • Let me tell you a little bit about how I work. (Explain how you work with Sellers and Buyers.)
  • Repeat their needs & goals – If I understand you right, you would like to have … happen.
  • It’s not about me – “These are your goals and I can help you achieve them – I’ve been able to do it many times with other home owners. I work by referral and want to make sure that I provide the kind of service that you will want to be my client for life.”
  • Have you ever sold a home before?
  • How did you do it? (Used an Agent, FSBO, etc)
  • Would it be worth an hour of your time to see how I could help you reach your goals?  When would be a good time for me to sit down with you and see if I could help you reach your goals?
  • If I am able to help you reach your goals of … and all of the planets align, would you be ready to list?”
  • “When would be a good time to check back with you?”
  • End with a compliment.
  • “You have been great to work with.”
  • “Is there anything else we can do for you?”
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