How to Get High Quality Photos for Mail Campaign

Most modern digital camera photos easily exceed our minimum recommended dimensions. Just set your camera to 3 megapixels or more. 

What does image resolution mean?
Resolution refers to the number of pixels in an image. Resolution is sometimes referred to by the width and height of the image as well as the total number of pixels in the image. For example, an image that is 1600 pixels wide and 1200 pixels high (1600x1200) contains 1,920,000 pixels (or almost 2 megapixels).

How are resolution and file size related?
In general, the rule is: the higher the resolution of the photo, the greater the file size. JPEG (.jpg) compression can reduce the size of the file, but it also affects the quality of the photo. Many digital cameras and photo editing programs allow you to control the amount of JPEG compression. Increasing the amount of compression reduces the file size but also reduces photo quality, which may produce undesirable results when printed.

Note that Avenu currently only accepts JPG or JPEG or PNG file formats. Some additional quick tips:

  • Upload first, then crop! If you want to crop your photo, we recommend doing so after uploading the original to Avenu. It's easy, and the benefit is that you can adjust and change it as needed.
  • Please use high-resolution photos. This is to help prevent dissatisfaction due to ordering something that may not print well. It may look okay online, but may not print well. If the photo you are using isn't high-resolution, choose a different photo.
  • Don't forget to check for overall photo quality. Our system can't check for quality/clarity/focus/composition of the photo, so be sure to keep this in mind.

For photos from the MLS:
Photos uploaded to the MLS are automatically resized for storage, so when imported to Avenu, they may not have sufficient resolution for larger templates. We recommend you use the original photos if you have them available (such as on your computer).

If you have an older digital camera or are using a lower-resolution setting to save space, we still recommend using a setting of at least 3 megapixels. 

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